Final Frontier nfT gold

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Inclusief btw.

This uber-deluxe prodigious PHYGITAL NFT is exclusive to both IRL and URL. This is the ONLY PIECE TO EXIST with this print and will be produced and delivered specific to the buyer within an 8 week period. Created in collaboration between Mutani and Stefan Kartchev, this tight-fitting jersey swanks de-fossilised abstractions of Bulgarian folkloric symbolism that can be repped in reality, worn in Sansar and flaunted in AR using the hashtag #DMATxMUTANIxSK

This NFT includes: made-to-order physical top, 3D Asset (glb), AR Asset (usdz), 2D Collectible Assets (jpgs + mp4) and Sansar Assets (png + samd).

How to use:

Wear IRL

Now that you scored a physical twin, take your top from URL to IRL. Be sure to tag us when you flex your new drip!

Port it

A fun way to use your digital fashion asset is to wear it on your avatar in-game. Fluid interoperability doesn't exit yet but this game-ready version of your NFT can be uploaded into Sansar.

Play with it

Now you can play with your NFT using Instagram's AR lenses. Just visit DMAT's profile and go to the filter button and you can open the lens. We will re-share as many as we can so don't forget to tag us!

Showcase it

Once you have invested in your NFT it’s time to build out your digital wardrobe and display your collection to others. Universal Profile (part of LUKSO) is the easy-to-use and secure space to store and showcase your NFTs to the world.

Capture it

Only for iPhone users currently. Press the AR icon on the bottom right of the interactive 3D file to capture it in AR and bring it into your own environment now



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